What caused the stainless steel grating to break?


Although stainless steel gratings have been galvanized, they are still inevitably damaged over time. Therefore, in order to prevent the damage of stainless steel gratings, the maintenance of steel gratings is particularly important. What are the causes of damage to stainless steel gratings?

In comparison, the damage rate of galvanized steel grids is still relatively low. Galvanization is divided into hot-dip galvanized and galvanized. The difference between the two is that the cost of galvanizing is lower, but the thickness of the galvanized layer is endless. As expected; and the cost of hot dip galvanizing is higher, but the effect is better.

The main causes of damage to stainless steel gratings are the following:

Due to the load changes of stainless steel grating, long-term use makes the steel grating change, resulting in insufficient structural bearing capacity;

Due to various accidents, the components of the stainless steel grating manufacturer deform, twist, and dent the steel grating, resulting in weakening of the member's cross section, warpage of the rod, and cracking of the connection;

Cracks and warpage of components or connections caused by the temperature difference of stainless steel grid plates;

Stainless steel grating manufacturers produce corrosion due to the erosion of chemical substances and more severe electrochemical corrosion leads to weakening of the cross section of steel grating members, so it is best to use hot-dip galvanized surface treatment in special environments;

Other reasons include the design and layout of stainless steel gratings, the production process of steel gratings, errors in the installation of steel gratings, illegal use and operation, etc. In short, the rational design of steel gratings, standard production, correct installation, coupled with scientific use, can make your steel gratings truly durable, beautiful and cost-effective.

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